scarpa 80 celebr80

Heinz Mariacher


“Climbing can be everything for those who live it deeply,
or nothing for those who observe it from afar.
Those lucky enough to have discovered it
can be considered privileged!”

Hervè Barmasse


“I hang up my hammock.
Below me is the void, above me, the stars.
I look at the lights in the valley, and I am at peace.
I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

Romolo Nottaris


“When you climb over 8000 meters, you can see higher than life.
On the Himalayan peaks the ghosts are there with you,
they follow you, and sometimes they want to stop you,
but then they push you back down toward life on earth.”


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nuova generazione

80th ANNIVERSARY tells the story of ambassadors and athletes who have made it possible for SCARPA® to stay a step ahead.

A clear
vision to the future

“We have a clear vision of the future, to reach peaks and still being a trailblazer.”

SCARPA®'s story is made of passion and commitment to achieve new goals and to dream of reaching new summits.

Since 1938, when everything began in Asolo, SCARPA® has been at the heart of a community driven by tradition, that is capable of innovate with determination and courage.

Dedicated to what we have achieved, to this 80th anniversary, with the wish to celebrate more, because in SCARPA® no place is too far.

Three generations

Together with athletes and employees, three generations of the Parisotto family have been able to define a one-of-a-kind entrepreneurial brand, with the goal of creating tomorrow’s shoes with excellent levels of performance, innovation and quality.

Traveling everywhere

2018 marks the first 80 years of SCARPA®, an exciting journey followed by passionate people who choose SCARPA® to discover new territories.

Looking for new territories

Sandro, Cristina and Davidewant to remember and share this 80th anniversary with the whole SCARPA® family, with those essential people that produce and distribute our products to the world; with athletes and those passionate people that are still choosing us for their adventures.

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